Mark Ward

The experienced UI/UX Designer Web Designer Photographer Manager

Manager / Web designer / UI & UX Specialist - Colchester.

Anyway forget of the techy rubbish, create something that is meaningful, different. Take a chance, step out....

Thinking outside the box is what I specialise in, many websites are created the same, now is the time to be different.


From customer facing meetings, to design, code, signoff, revisions, install and management, the whole package.


Getting things done on time is important for good customer relations. To manage a team, you must understand what needs to be achieved, who is the best person and always remember quality is the key.

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Mark Ward

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Lexden Colchester




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How we interact with the internet has changed massively over the years, a static website is no longer good enough nor is a basic online shop the experience the user has matters. Conversion can be effected by how the experience is presented.

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Site design is as important as the user experience, they go hand in hand. From the design stage the end goal must be understood.

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With so many tools out there is now down to the skill of the developer to move with the times and use the best of what's out there.

I can manage teams, work along side developers or get the job done myself, i have experience in AGILE development using Jira.

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