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Building and leading a team is hard, you have to invest.

People ask about my management style, well I have learnt that you need to gain the respect of the team, work with them, discover what they like doing, what they are best at.

Team management tools like Jira can be helpful but you cannot just assign tickets to people time spent with each member discussing the job, investigating the correct tools. Web technology is a open book from html to Jquery there is a 100 different ways to do things. Being good manager means knowing how to guide them so the client geta the best deliverable possible. Often new technologies seem very tempting, and some merit investigation, but there is always a risk of the learning time and not knowing the full details of what the technology provides can cause issues when attempting more complex tasks.

I like using development afternoons where any developer can take a task and try out something new, see if there is merit in using a new way to do things. Daily standups can be useful but mainly at the start and end of projects or around blockers.

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