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So what floats my boat?

Skateboarding - badly.

Well we all have a mid life crisis, skateboarding is cheaper than a Ferrari.

BUT there is a very good reason why I do it...

In 2014 I was out with my children at a local very run down skatepark. One teenager fell off and he had braces on his teeth, as the surface was so bad the braced ripped though his cheek, even though he had a helmet on.

I was about the oldest adult there, so I got him to keep still, called 999 and assured him all would be okay, the ambulance came and went and I was livid.

That evening I contacted the local council and said I was going to show the press the pictures of the park and the childs face. To my surprise they offered to sell me the park, so I could set up a charity and apply for money to rebuild the park. So 2 years of hard work, looking at council documents, health a safety, talking with local skaters about the design, the park was built. We raised £150,000 and hadleigh skatepark was built in 2015 and is always busy. Check out the facebook page.

It was a great achievement and I am glad it brings happiness to so many children.

Skatepark facebook page
Press Coverage

I also love music and attempt to DJ

Music has always been a great passion hence why the website worked so well as I knew a lot of the music. Now I DJ for fun.

Art & drawing


One of my best pictures:

I have skateboarded all over the country from Felixstowe sea front, clacton, Woodbridge, Hadleigh, Milton Keynes... Whenever I get the chance it's great fun and keeps you fit as its takes a lot of effort. I understand I should be playing golf or football, but I have always been a bit random.

So if a picture says a thousand words...

This is collection of my work and images that say things about me.

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