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Stuff about me....

I figure is useful to know some boring stuff about the person too.
I was married for 20 years which ended in 2015, after 20 years it quite a challenge.


Wow music, I listen to everything from the Jacksons to Drum and Bass, music is like design it changes all the time. Sometimes my son will play something he's heard on youtube and I will think that cool.
Music often depends on mood, but no country music thank you.
I Quite like this mix at the moment, it quite uplifting:


Lifes not about money, it's about happiness and its taken a few years to take that on board, sometimes we are distracted by material things, yes I would love a Ferrari, who wouldn't. People make comments about the fact I skate, but you know I dont give a dam, I could be on the golf course, or chasing a leather ball around with loads of other blokes, I like going fast and falling off onto concrete. But the difference is, it's social, and I mean from the parents to the kids that look like they will mug you. You know I have travelled around to many skatepark's and after five minutes if you respect the local skaters, don't cut them up, you will find someone will say hello. And I have met so many interesting people, fathers who have encoraged there kids to get out of the bedroom and do something, to kids who used to do drugs or even still do drugs, but at least they are in a safe place, we cant change the world overnight. When I built the local park, I didnt realise I was creating a local Hub, unfortunately I dont live there anymore, so I have to merge into the "local" park, gain the respect, "whats this old fart doing on a board", I let them laugh, but when one of them comes off and needs a ice pack I have one in the car.

Recently I stood speaking to a skater about my age, it was only the next day that friends told me he was a skater from the USA who was touring the UK and had done films and all sorts, everyone knows Tony Hawk, but not many other skaters. When I can't skate anymore I will be old! but there's no sign of it yet.

Children - nobody is going to read this bit, at the bottom of the page...but hey who cares.

The humble pencil and paper still can create everything, we dont need a xbox or a playstation. Take the time to create something from your imagination. Show a child how to draw a stick man, then tell them how they can make it better, and better to create what they actually want too. Hey a Pokemon isn't hard to draw but someone in japan has made a few quid out of it. Drawing is about allowing yourself to not worry what is right or wrong, its not about producing a photo far from it, a load of scribble can tell a lot about a person.
Give a person a piece of white paper with a dot in the middle.... what do they see? a hole? a dot........ I bet they dont notice the white space around the dot and how open and clear it is..... I see that space...