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Can my gran use this site ?

UI/UX What's all the fuss about

Web Evolutions

In the beginning there was static html, then we all decided that things should "flash" and be animated, then Flash provided the ability to product a more rich interface, but Google doesn't like it...

Anyway then we all build online shops, Wordpress Magento and lot's of other tools made this nice and easy and EVERYONE was then a web developer. Templates could be bought for $10 dollars. WOW an amazing site with such little work.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics showed how many users we coming and going to our lovely site, but hang on, there a issue, I am getting lot's of visitors, but not lots of sales, OH throw more money at Google Adds, but now I am paying Google more than my sales, Why's my site not ranking....maybe my site isn't so good.

Get a site audit, hang on Google Page Speed tool says my sites slow and rubbish. ARRR what a mess, what to do, start again ? but that about all the pages I have listed and created in my much loved Wordpress site.

End Result: A Mess...


I hate buzzwords, every week, year a new buzzword for techies to remember, now we have UI/UX, what on earth does this mean to me. Let me break it down, UI - How does your site look and how tempting is it to your visitors... UX - How does the user interact with your site, does your site give a nice warm feeling inside to your users. They really need that warm feeling so they come back time and time again.

Now we need to break it down, how does the site work on a mobile ? where are people bailing out on the order process ? do they have issues finding there postcode using your lookup tool, does the site remember who you are so you don't have to enter your bloody address for the 5 millionth time.... Do they take paypal, allow you to login with Google, Who wants to fill in another signup form, god we are sick of those. Paypal, Amazon and other checkout methods means you don't have to go hunting for your credit card. All these things increase what you want the most, sales and customers. A good user experience will bring the customer back, a bad one, that's it you lost your chance.

UI/UX needs to be there from the ground up, just one mistake, one section of your order process can stop people in there tracks, and once you have lost them, that's it.
This is what I specialise in...I help find, fix the small issues that change your site from working "okay" to being a slick sales provider, everything from simple things like getting Javascripts minified and bundled, responsiveness, design, look, feel....Everything about what the customer or client experiences.

Can your mum use this site?

You have to accept there is a massive cross section of users from the 16 year old on his scratched up Iphone, to your mum on her Windows XP slow laptop, catering for all the different users is very very hard, but if the answer to "can my mum use this?" is NO, then something wrong. I can put it right.