Mark Ward

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The Boring bit..


Technical manager, Senior web developer CallConnection buys and sells overflow telephone calls and also provides white label solutions to insurance aggregator site.

Projects & was developed by me as a multi brandable site which has been sold to sites like, Motorcycle News, Wejo plus numerous others. It provides quotes and makes revenue on each referral or policy sold. It also integrated with, moneysupermarket, and others.
Internal Wallboard
The company runs around 50 internal wallboards which provide data to the business, these are webpages that receive data. The interactive wallboard system was developed by me many years ago.
Virtual Receptionist
In the reception we have a flash, text to speech virtual receptionist, this was featured in insurance times.
The companies website was developed by me originally and others have added features over time.
Ignition is a internal insurance brokerage, I was involved in the development of the site and the internal quoting system.
Internal web based scripting
Two 300 seater call centers run on the question based scripting application.
In conjunction with the internal marketing team I advised on seo, using and other tools such as web master console.
C# Development
All code is in C#, cloud based technologies.
I when the company had 5 technical people and 18 people in the call center, the business now has 3 call centers and around 300 staff.
2002 - Now

CallScripter / Ansaback

Technical manager

CountyWeb Business Listing Website.

I was head hunted to joining what was County Contact Centers (CountyWeb), during the dot com boom the attempted to take on and failed, selling enhanced listings within business directory, on day one I was presented with a CD of 4 million businesses and we had to develop a website to allow searching within seconds. The company lost millions and was heading in a bad direction.

CallScripter & Ansaback contact center.

During the Euro Campaign around that time they were approached to see if they could handle the "say no to the euro campaign", the company did not have the software infrastructure to take the volume of business.

So very rapidly (over 2 days) myself and one other developer soley created, a scripting platform that allows you to visually create scripts and collect data, the campaign was a huge success and was floated on AIM and now provides scripting to thousands of call centers worldwide.

It's a pure html based application with telephoney integration, still going strong today. We provides solutions for companies like News International and integration with companies like Avaya. I was involved in the rollout into News international as well as custom development. I am as happy customer facing as I am developing.

Check out off the back of this business ansaback was born, a contact center dealing with clients such as Ferrari (unfortunately I didnt get paid with a free ferrari but I certainly sat in a few). Ansaback continues to exist today.

I spent time customer facing in Amsterdam, France, Germany and many other installs within the UK. The product is a huge success and is highly profitable today.

Company information:

CallScripter. A software house producing Customer Interaction Management (CIM) software tools for the contact centre market. Currently installed both within the UK in major contact centres and internationally through multi-channel delivery partners. Originally developed for our own outsourced contact centre, CallScripter is developed to meet the demands of today’s dynamic contact centres and is one of the most comprehensive solutions on the market. Whether your focus is on Sales, Customer Services, Retention, Collections, Telemarketing or Fundraising, CallScripter will provide your people with the toolkit to revolutionise your customer communications. Ansaback. A 24/7 bureau contact centre operation providing an exemplary, discreet service for discerning clients who wish to overflow and outsource certain calls when required. Ansaback is one of the leading UK call centres available 24/7 365 days a year. Operating from their own UK call centre, they supply a wide range of professional outsource telephone answering services across the UK. Bespoke call answering services tailored to company’s precise requirements, designed and built using our own unique technical expertise and implemented by highly trained and experienced UK based call handlers offering an unrivalled customer service.
Stock information
1998 - 2002


Technical Developer

Ford Motor company contractor management payment solution.

Off the back of MSXI a spin off of Ford Motor company PeopNet was developed to solve the mess Ford had with paying the 1000's of contract staff they had, so a web based solution was implemented to handle this side of the business. It involved visiting Ford in the UK and extensive time in Ford Detroit. It was a great stepping stone and the project was very successful.
1994 - 2002


The largest online Vinyl Record Aggregator

After too much sun in ibiza was born and eventually listed 4.2 million vinyl records making it the largest on the internet we have relationships with 100's of suppliers all over the globe and a very healthy customer base. It closed profitable when my wife who ran the order processing side of the business returned to work after taking time off to bring our children up.

Running the site was amazing, there wasn‘t a record we couldn't get, we held stock in the UK, USA and many other locations across the globe. It didn’t matter if the record was 50p or £900.00 (of which we sourced many) they all got the same care and attention. The website was a real challenge as the web was developing but it was always all the forefront of technical changes. We had DJ's from all over the world who would just call and ask for records and we provided them, sometimes it took days to source a record but 9 out of 10 times we got a copy no matter the length we had to go to, this included dealing with tiny suppliers in jamaica for really rare tracks, these were the companies that the big players at the time ignored. We we contacted many times by who is now the biggest, it was a love hate relationship as there sellers flocked to VinylSearcher. Personally I am very proud of what we did, plus I have a amazing personal vinyl collection with many priceless signed records from top DJ's who we dealt with. She was my baby and I miss her...
1994 - 1998

Skills list

  • Building Stunning websites
  • JQuery / Javascript Ajax
  • Bootstrap
  • Kendo ui
  • Visual Studio
  • HTML5 & CSS3 & Less
  • Responsive web development
  • C# - Contracts, classes
  • VB.Net
  • Razor
  • ASP.NET, classic asp
  • web forms
  • XML
  • Jira Project management
  • Agile development
  • Responsive Mobile Development
  • Advanced UI/UX Design and analysis
  • Photoshop
  • Basic illustrator
  • Seo skills
  • Google page rank tools
  • Webmaster console
  • Google Analytics
  • Moz tools
  • Little bit of Angular JS, and MVC
  • Data collection, Scraping
  • PHP - Its again just code.
  • SQL Server or MYSQl or even some MONGO..

  • I love facing customers, getting to know exactly what they require, right down to detail.
  • Anything web..let's face it, if you are a decent developer you can use most languages and tools with the help of Google

No lungs were hurt in making this image.